Top Songs of the Week – 12/6/23

Time once again to check in on the top of our list! (Insert Chris Jericho soundbite here). A little bit of movement as we head into the holiday season, and no, none of it is Christmas music.
So let’s see how things look.

  1. Green Day – The American Dream is Killing Me
  2. Blink 182 – One More Time
  3. Daughtry – Artificial
  4. Staind – Here and Now
  5. Dirty Honey – Won’t Take Me Alive
  6. From Ashes to New – Nightmare
  7. Shinedown – A Symptom of Being Human

Shinedown rejoins the top of our list as they commonly do, this time with a thoughtful ballad. You can check it out below.
Great seeing Blink 182 still near the top. I’m still curious and excited to see what more they have coming for us now that they’re officially back, seemingly permanently.

Top Songs of the Week
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