The one with oysters on a first date.

What a week! Brian returned from vacation & recapped his trip to Iron River, and we rewound to 2017 for the “Monday Morning Throwback“.

During our Monday edition of “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a woman who came home from vacation to find her home had been wrongly demolished, a town that might have overreacted to a Halloween decoration, a “dead body” that ended up being an extremely damaged & used sex doll, and a woman who got ditched on a first date after she ate a BUNCH of oysters.

On Tuesday, we talked about this week being the most common for pumpkin-carving injuries, and what we’d do to be debt free.

Our Tuesday edition of “Bad News with Happy Music” included stories about a company that tried to pay it’s debt with a whole bunch of coins, a guy who had some fingers surgically removed so he has a “claw” for a hand, and the off-duty pilot who freaked out on a flight.

We helped you over the hump with another edition of “You’re killin’ me, Shaws”, a discussion about the yellow pillow, and during our Wednesday edition of “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a #FloridaMan who exposed himself to deputies, an update on the off-duty pilot, and a very drunk dad who forgot his kids at home when he went back to the liquor store.

Brian bemoaned his house being too nice & expensive to fix on Thursday morning, and we talked about America’s top phobias. We ran down a list of some movie & TV sets that you can rent on AirBNB, including the Bachelor mansion! Plus, the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, made his debut on AEW!


On Thursday’s edition of “Bad News with Happy Music”, we found out that one of the guys involved in that fishing scandal is apparently a total criminal, we had a story about a guy getting trapped in a jewelry vault, we talked about the viral Taco Bell haircut photo, and found out about a restaurant in Georgia that charges parents a fee for being bad at parenting.

On Friday, we hooked you up with a new list of things to do in & Around River City, and on Friday’s edition of “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a surfer that got bitten by a shark, and the viral video of the kite-surfer who got bodied by a whale. We also had stories about a mama bear & her cubs who got stuck in a minivan, the Celine Dion “siren battles”, and a Karen who claims she was kicked off a plane because she’s white.

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