Altra Rocks w/ 3DG and Chevelle – In Pictures

Saturday night was a hell of an evening. It was a bit of a bummer that Loathe couldn’t perform for us, but due to the poor weather, a difficult decision needed to be made. We’ll definitely try to get those guys back to play a show for us at some point, as we know many were hoping to see them.

We’d like to thank Ben from Copeland Park and Events for throwing the shows all summer, each one better than the next. This latest show was the biggest event they’ve thrown so far. Rock is dead? The hell it is!
We also couldn’t have done it without the good people over at Altra Federal Credit Union for sponsoring the entire series. They REALLY wanted us to emphasize how firmly they believe in putting rock shows on for people, because ALTRA ROCKS! From what I saw this summer, they sure do!
Lastly and most importantly, we’d like to thank you for coming out and partying with us all summer. The way we all see it, there’s only one direction to go. Bigger. Much, much bigger. Let’s see what we can all cook up for next year.

Here’s a few snaps on how the night went, including some contributed by you!

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