Best Things to Make in an Air Fryer

I get it. Air Fryer people can be a bit annoying. But if I’m being honest, as much as I protested ever getting one, the damn thing has become one of my favorite appliances in the house. It’s especially handy if you have kids and make a lot of corn dogs, chicken nuggets, and fries. And I don’t even have to feel that bad about it, because it’s healthier than constantly using a conventional fryer.
While I mostly use it for quick meals for the kids, here’s a list of other things I’ve enjoyed outta the damn thing.

10. Fried Rice
9. Ribs
8. Pork Chops
7. Thanksgiving turkey leftovers
6. Various veggie mixes
5. Re-heating french fries
4. Meatballs
3. Potatoes in any form
2. Chicken Fried Steak
1. Chicken Wings

Air Fryer
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