The one with Goosens

Big week with an even bigger snow storm!

WE started you off with the Monday Morning Throwback, and another debate involving the grocery store divider. Plus, a touching story about a couple of geese living at a cemetary.

Had an interesting story about a #FloridaWoman asking for a special day just for Sugar Daddies. Plus, a stripper who assaulted her ex-boyfriend with a wad of cash, and a really old guy celebrated his birthday with a performance from a belly dancer. And another flight from hell ended at an abandoned airport where some guys got behind the bar & started serving up some drinks.

We talked about some of the things we wished we learned while in high school, and a guy in Wisconsin rented a billboard to help find a date. More “Bad News with Happy Music” highlights, including a woman who drove her SUV into a Popeye’s restaurant after they forgot her biscuit, a guy went nuts on a flight & stabbed the flight attendant, and a couple of thieves who ordered a FOURTEEN COURSE dinner to cover up their crimes.

Plus, Brian became an even bigger fan of Jamie Lee Curtis after her recent comments about matinee concerts. We found out that our jobs might be in jeopardy thanks to RadioGPT, and we had another touching story about a landlord taking care of a holocaust survivor.

There was Dolphin Dave, and the LIV golf tourney might be in trouble for cutting down a cactus or two. Plus, a new list of things to do in & around La Crosse this weekend!


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