Ranking the Teams Most Likely to Win Super Bowl LVII

The NFL Playoffs officially start this weekend, so before we get going, I thought I would do a quick ranking of the teams. Now this is only my opinion. I have my biases, as you have yours. We all have our 2 cents to put in, and we all will. So here’s mine.
We’ll rank these from least likely to win it all, to most.

14. Seattle Seahawks
13. Miami Dolphins
12. New York Giants
11. San Diego Chargers
10. Baltimore Ravens
9. Dallas Cowboys
8. Jacksonville Jaguars
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
6. Minnesota Vikings
5. Cincinnati Bengals
4. San Fransisco 49ers
3. Philadelphia Eagles
2. Kansas City Chiefs
1. Buffalo Bills

I’m calling my shot now. The Bills are gonna take it. Maybe some of this is pent up rage from my youth when I watched them go to 4 straight and come up empty. But I think they’ve got it this year. Either way, it’s clear I’m favoring the AFC here, as AFC teams make up 3 of the my top 5 most likely.
I shouldn’t really have to explain the bottom portion of my list. I’m pretty sure no one believes in those teams except for their respective fans. But I suppose it is the playoffs, and anything can happen. So let’s see how right or how wrong I am.

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