Bags’ Dry January – Day 2

Dry January is something many Americans do each year. Some for health benefits. Some to help practice moderation and restraint. Others just for the challenge of it. Some, like me, do it for a combination of the following 3 reasons. One of the biggest reasons I’ve decided to try it is because I have some weight loss goals I’ve been trying to meet, and I’ve hit a plateau as of late. I’m hoping this pushes me past that.
So if it’s something you’re doing, or at least interested in, I figured I’d document the process for myself every few days to see where my thoughts are at.

We’re only 2 days in, so I admit there isn’t much to report. While I can drink heavily when the moment calls for it, I’m far from an alcoholic. Which means going a mere 2 days without booze is far from my greatest accomplishment.
But if you’re someone who is using this as a jump-start to something bigger, 2 days can be a lot. Try to look at things in the short term. You made it 2 days, so you can make 2 more. Managing short term goals is much more important than the long term.

I look forward to seeing how these little check-ins go as we continue on.
Stay strong, my friends!

Cover photo is me on New Year’s Eve enjoying one of my last few drinks before this began.

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