Dude. Get to Cedar Creek & try the Trackman indoor golf simulator!

Sure it’s cold. There’s snow on the ground. The course if CLOSED! But, if you still wanna hit some bombs this winter & work on your golf game while enjoying a tasty beverage and some great food, you NEED to get to Cedar Creek in Onalaska to check out their brand new TrackMan golf simulator!

Puck and I stopped out there the other day with Grant from WKTY to give it a try and….WOW!

It’s friggin’ cool! Now, I’m not trying to join the LIV tour, but I certainly need some work on my swing. Anybody who’s golfed with me will tell you that, and you can definitely see by watching the videos below!

Thankfully, the TrackMan golf simulator has so much tech & info, coupled with the golf pros like Jim & Dave at Cedar Creek, that even a hacker like me could see marked improvement in his game by spring.

What I really liked about the set-up is how integrated it all is. There’s an app you download on your phone, and whenever you log in at Cedar Creek, all your info is there. It tracks all your swings, it’s got golf courses from around the world that you can play(with more added all the time!), and it’s even got a bunch of games that you can play with your friends! Also, it’s great for the serious golf enthusiast who really wants to hone their skills and work on a certain part of their game, and it’s low-key enough for duffers like me who just wanna hit some balls & have some fun!

So, if you’re looking for something new to do with your buddies on a Friday afternoon, you can swing by for a few beers & some friendly competition. However, you MUST register for a tee time on their website! So make sure you do that in advance to secure your spot!

Long drives, closest to the pin, shot analysis, putt analysis, “Capture the Flag”, the Bullseye game and so much more! Plus, it’s EXTREMELY affordable!!!! Prices start at just $35/hr for 1-2 golfers.

And…they’ve got leagues starting on January first! You can sign up now on their website, and it’s SUPER flexible!

The TrackMan golf simulator at Cedar Creek is a really cool way to work on your game, or just go & have some fun. My wife’s been talking about wanting to learn to golf, and rather than buy a bunch of lessons, we can go out to Cedar Creek a few times during the winter months & she can give it a shot without the pressure of someone playing through, or without the hassle of trying to find your ball all the time!

Seriously…winter sucks if you’re into golfing. But now it doesn’t have to! You don’t need to store your clubs in a closet in the basement anymore! Get them in the back of your truck & get to Cedar Creek & check out the TrackMan golf simulator today!

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