The one with Shaw’s Birthday

After a much needed day off on Labor Day Monday, we were back on Tuesday with a discussion about the now-viral Corn Kid, and a bare-knuckle fighter who had an odd celebration after winning a recent fight.

A company in Amsterdam is looking to hire someone who can “puke on command” to help people with their fear of vomitting. We discussed the recent Taylor Hawkins tribute show at Wembley, and we celebrated “National Beer Day” on hump-day!

We talked about some of the ground rules for moving back in with mom & dad, and Shaw happily gave away $70 of Brian’s Morning-show money by knowing the movie quote this week during “You’re killin’ me, Shaws”.

We had a couple of crazy stories during “Bad News with Happy Music” on Wednesday, including a giant snapping turtle that washed up dead in a Wisconsin lake, and a woman who faked an injury at the airport to avoid the lines. Even more wild stuff during “Bad News with Happy Music” on Thursday morning, including a guy who supposedly lost his arm in a gator attack & spent three days wandering around a swamp before he finally got rescued, and a woman who has bilked her own mother out of a bunch of money by faking her kidnapping FOUR times!

We celebrated Shaw’s birthday on Thursday morning, and talked about an American Chess champ who has offered to play naked after being accused of cheating.

And of course, a new list of things to do in & around La Crosse this weekend!

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