Nintendo Switch Sports – Bags Review

I have fond memories of good ol’ Wii Sports from back in the day. So when I found out the Switch was coming out with their version, I had to check it out. I’m glad I did, cause this game is super fun.
So let’s check it out.

You create your character, and you jump into a world where you can play Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, Bowling, and Chambara. I started playing the old school solo player mode to get a feel for it. But the real meat and potatoes of this game is when you play globally against players all over the world. Doing this allows you to unlock special items for your created character. So off to competition I went.

The first sport I went for was a sport I love in real life. Badminton. The gameplay is smooth, and easy to pick up. One of the keys to victory is getting your opponent off balance, as doing so will cause them to hit weaker hits, and allow you harder smashes. It’s a really good time.

Then it was off to another sport I like in real life, but haven’t played in a very long time. Volleyball.
You play this as 2 person teams, so hopefully your partner is as good as you. It feels like the timing on the controls for this one are a bit off, but certainly not game breaking. You bump, your partner sets, and you spike. The other team has a chance to block, so watch out for that. Just like in Badminton, the key is to catch your opponent off balance and go for the hard spike. My partner and I did fairly well, and we scored the win!

It was almost bedtime, but I wanted to squeeze some bowling in before I got some shuteye.
I cannot stress this part enough…
How it works when you bowl in global competition is simple, but competitive. It starts with 16 bowlers. Everyone has “X” amount of time to complete 3 frames. After the first 3 frames, the bottom 8 bowlers are eliminated. You then bowl the next 3 frames, and they eliminate the worst bowlers again. This is done until you reach the 10th frame with the final 3 bowlers. After the 10th frame, as always, the top bowler is the winner.
I finished 1st in my first tourney, then had a disappointing 2nd round elimination in my second tourney, then finished strong with yet another 1st place victory in my final tourney of the night. I seriously had a ball. A very heavy ball.

So that was my first night with Nintendo Switch Sports. If you wanna know if it was good, you should know that I stayed up 45 minutes later than I intended to. I think that’s enough to tell you that I was having a lot of fun. Each week, they give you more items to play for and unlock, which I’ve grown addicted to doing.
So pick this game up for your kids, or hell, pick it up for yourself and the whole family.
You’ll be glad you did.

Final Grade: A-

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