Bags’ Top 10 – Horror Movies Set In Spring

When most of us think horror, we typically think Fall or Winter. After all, those are the scarier parts of the year. Things are dark, times are uncertain, and darkness and uncertainty fuel horror. Even Summer gets thought of for horror thanks to Summer Blockbusters like Jaws.
But Spring has it’s fair share of horror in it’s history as well, with some great chills to be had.

Now, this Top 10 will work different than most, as these aren’t in any particular order. These are just the 10 movies that come to my mind quickest when we talk about horror movies with a Spring setting.

10. Midsommer
9. The Ruins
8. Cabin Fever
7. The Cabin in the Woods
6. Jeepers Creepers
5. Prom Night
4. Evil Dead
3. April Fools Day
2. The Wicker Man (1973)
1. Carrie

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