We Love All Pets at 95.7 The Rock

We’ve been doing the Pet of the Week for a few weeks now. I gotta say, we LOVE seeing all your pets. Remember, if we select your pet, you win a $25 gift card for food and supplies at Central Animal Hospital in Onalaska. To show us your pet and get into the contest, you can do so by clicking here.

As I said in the title, we love ALL pets here at 95.7 The Rock. So as the only one of us with a pet that isn’t your conventional dog or cat, I figured I’d show you guys my little dude. I can’t win, but I figured if you guys even clicked on this link, you love pets too.
So here’s my little bro, Raph.

This picture is when he was younger. He’s much bigger now, but he’s currently a 15 year old Red-Footed Tortoise. And yes… I named him after the Ninja Turtle. I really am that dorky.
Many reptiles, tortoises included, make excellent pets. Especially for children. They’re low cost, low maintenance, and just plain awesome! Some do carry salmonella, so you do have to be careful with them around very little ones. But if you’ve got kids aged 8 and up, I’d highly recommend them.

Wanna show us your pet, and unlike me, actually win something? Go back up, and click the link above.

Pet of the Week Cover
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