3 Things You Need at Every Outdoor Festival

Summer is nearing, and you’re already seeing the line-ups of the shows you’ll be going to this summer both close to home, and festivals you may be traveling to. In my days as a concert goer, I’ve found there’s 3 things I just can’t go without.
Some of this stuff you may scoff at and say, “Okay, dad”. But outdoor festivals are oftentimes a multi-day events. Failing to bring these items can make the experience miserable, and you may miss out on bands you really wanted to see. Don’t let that happen when it’s preventable.
So without further ado, here’s 3 things you need to bring with you to an outdoor festival.

1. Sunblock is your friend

Even on cloudy days, you don’t realize how much sun you’re taking in. You don’t need much to make it a difference maker. But you’re outside for multiple hours during the day. For many of you, it’ll be the most consecutive hours you’ve been outside, well, since last year’s festival. So put on the damn sunblock. There’s nothing worse than being hungover, AND sunburned.

2. Powder Up

It doesn’t matter if it’s Gold Bond, or just regular baby powder, or even Vaseline. But this is gonna be a good idea. You’re out all day in the hot sun jumping around. That spells chafing. So do your balls and vajay-jays a favor, and prepare for it.

3. Comfortable shoes are vital

This one should go without saying, but your kicks game needs to be on point, and I don’t mean for fashion. For ladies especially, a festival seems like a great moment to make a fashion statement. You are wrong. Oh so very wrong, and you’ll figure out all too late after you quickly pay the price for it.
You’re going to be doing a lot of walking from stage to stage, and kiosk to kiosk. And if this festival is even worth going to in the first place, you’ll be doing a lot of jumping too. You don’t want to be doing this in uncomfortable shoes. Protecting your feet is the most important part of protecting your concert experience, and seeing to it you don’t miss that big band you’ve waited all year to see.

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