The Best of the Morning Sickness – The one with the pants swap.

This week started out with the Monday Morning Throwback, and the latest Tik Tok “challenge“. We also had a story about a guy who got busted with drugs in his pants, but claimed the pants belonged to someone else. Unfortunately, that “someone else” was a foot shorter than the guy….which prompted Brian to challenge Shaw to a pants-swap.

We talked about each team’s odds to win the Super Bowl as we get ready for Wild Card weekend. And Brian went on a rant about the Bonnaroo lineup. Shaw whiffed on “You’re killin’ me, Shaws” this week, so the jackpot is up to $20 for next week.

Brian & Shaw eventually did try on each other’s pants on Wednesday, and we had a list of some bad survival tips on Thursday morning.

Plus, another list of things to do in & around La Crosse this weekend!

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