What’s on Bags Phone? – Golf Battle

I’m not just a console video gamer. Like everyone, I also like to partake in some games on my smartphone. I have a few core games that I play every day, but I always like to click around and see what’s out there. Here’s one I stumbled on recently.

If you love mini golf, You’ll love Golf Battle.
It’s free to download, and easy to learn.

There’s a ton of courses to play, with tons of holes to master in each course. As you can see from my screenshots, there’s an ice level, which can be rather tricky as you have to navigate an icy course. I usually hate ice levels. But I love this one.

As you play, you unlock all sorts of goodies. Firstly, there are better clubs to unlock and also upgrade. But there are also cosmetic unlocks as well, such as new balls, ball trails, and effects when you put the ball in the cup.

It’s always a race to the flag, so don’t waist your time. You’re playing with 5 other players, and once the first few players get the ball in the cup, a timer starts for everyone else to hurry up. So choose your shots well, but make your choices quick. Because a good game could be thwarted by someone else who plays faster.

All in all, it’s a good time. I think this will stay on my phone for a couple of months at least.
If you’re looking for something new, it’s worth checking out.

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