Who’d you rather? Hot or cold?

Anybody who knows me knows that I wear shorts year round.

I keep the heat in my house at 62° all winter long, and my AC at 64° all summer long.

I HATE the heat. I despise it. I LOATHE it.

Even with psoriasis, I’ll take the bitter cold over the sweltering heat any day of the week & twice on Sunday.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy warmer weather, either. A nice 80° day on the river is just fine by me. But you start getting into the upper 80’s and beyond, I’m out!

Recently, somebody polled over 8,000 Americans and asked if they prefer being too hold or too cold…and it’s basically split right down the middle.

Of the people who responded, 38% said they’d rather be too hot, while 46% did me proud & said they prefer being too cold. Another 16% couldn’t decide.

Which do you prefer?

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Brian Simpson

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