Is this coming Saturday considered “This weekend” or “Next weekend”?

Today is Tuesday. This Saturday is November 6th, and I’m looking forward to our SOLD OUT “No Tie” event at Piggy’s with our friends from Paul’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Schneider Accounting & Tax, and the Pearl St. Brewery.

If you were to ask me if that event is “This Weekend” or “Next Weekend”, I’d tell you that it’s “This Weekend”.

But, apparently, I’m in the minority on this….especially EARLY in the week.

In a recent survey, people were asked whether they’d say “this weekend” or “next weekend” if they were talking about the coming weekend on a Monday or Tuesday. Only 40% said it’s “this weekend” . . . 56% said “next weekend” . . . and 4% weren’t sure.

I find that to be extremely odd. “This weekend” is November 6th & 7th, and “next weekend” is the 13th & 14th in my opinion.

What do you think?

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