Summer Party Tip – Outdoor drinking games!

I’m not a big fan of drinking games. Never was.

I prefer to enjoy my drinks at my own pace. I’ll shake for shots occasionally, but I don’t play Flip-Cup or Beer Pong.

But, if you’re planning on having a backyard bash sometime this year and wanna have some drinking games for your guests, here’s a few ideas:

Beer Pong.

This classic game is played everywhere, but it’s usually a college thing. You line up the cups, fill them with beer, toss the balls, and try to eliminate your opponents.

Flip Cup

Pretty self-explanatory on this one.

But, if you wanna kick it up a notch, try Slip-N-Flip Cup:

One game that I actually enjoy playing(albeit only for a short time), is BeersBee

You need a couple of poles, a couple of empty beer bottles and a frisbee. That’s about it. You set the poles in the ground about 30′ apart, and place the empty beer bottles on top of the two poles. Then, you use the frisbee to try & knock the bottle off the pole. All while holding a beer in your hand. Scoring varies, based on who you’re playing with, but you usually get points for catching the bottle or frisbee.

Dizzy Bat

I did this once at a Logger game. No beer was actually involved in the match between me & Phish, but we had been drinking previous to playing. So, it sorta counts.

But, traditionally, you pour the beer into the empty Wiffle bat with the bottom cut off, give the empty can to the pitcher, then chug the beer out of the bat. The amount of seconds it takes you to chug is the number of times you have to spin in a circle while bent over, your head touching one end of the bat while the other end is on the ground. and try to swing & hit the empty can as it comes rocketing in.

Jello Shot Giant Jenga

We actually bought one of these off Amazon a few years ago for $80 and it’s been a HUGE hit at our annual backyard BBQ. It’s just like Jenga, but bigger…and it has Jello shots. One issue that we had in years past was that the Jello would “melt” in the heat, so we just started using Jameson in the plastic cups, instead.

There’s a TON of other great outdoor drinking games if that’s your thing. But there’s a few to get you started!

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