Biggest. Pizza. EVER?

Sure, you’ve heard of the Bus.

No, not Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis.

I’m talking about THE BUS at Moon Tower Pizza Bar in Burleson, TX. It’s the Guinness World Record holder from “Largest commercially available pizza”.

Yup. It’s an actual menu item. You can order it, as long as you pony up $300 and call 48 hours ahead.

They’ll even deliver this big sumbitch right to your door with a special trailer(if you live in the area, of course). It measures 8 feet long & 32 inches wide and weighs and impressive 37.5lbs. Of which, 22.5lbs belong to the dough, 5lbs to the sauce, and another 10lbs to the cheese.

Extra toppings cost you $25 each, and this monstrosity can feed 75 people. So, if you order the base model & bring along 74 of your friends, it’ll only cost you about $4 per person to get The Bus.

If you are heading out on a road trip this year & wanna try the largest, commercially-available pizza in the country, head to Burleson, TX!

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