Are you a cool mom?

There’s no shortage of great songs about mothers.


Because mothers(for the most part) ROCK!

There’s even songs about how cool(or hot) someone else’s mother is….

Rachel Hunter for the absolute WIN!

But what makes you a “cool mom”?

Is it dressing a certain way? Listening to cool music? Letting your kids drink in the basement & have make-out parties?(Is that even a thing anymore?) Taking your kids shopping? Doing all that artistic shit with the kids’ school lunches?

Not according to a recent survey…..the top two things are:

  1. She talks openly with her kids about anything & everything.
  2. She lets her kids get away with some things that a “normal” mom wouldn’t when the kids are growing up.

That’s it? Just two main components to being a “cool mom”?

Sounds easy.

So, if you’re a mom and you’re worried about being “cool”, maybe chillax on the “hip” lingo and keep those adult bevvies to yourself.

Even if your mom isn’t the “cool mom”, she’s still your mom.

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