Red flag. BIG time.

I’ve dated some real doozies in my time.

Hell, that’s how I ended up out here in WI.

I’m sure you’ve heard me tell that story at some point.

But a lot of times, you don’t realize that you aren’t compatible with someone until you’ve been dating for awhile.

Unlike this woman who found out RIGHT away that she and her new boyfriend might not be meant for one another.

They were planning their first romantic weekend away together, and as they were planning, he sent her a spreadsheet, breaking down the cost of everything.


Apparently, she owed him precisely $167.99 for her half of the trip. He’s an accountant, and she said “I get that he kinda does spreadsheets for a living, but this has ruined the vibe of the weekend for me. Am I right to feel this is weird and unreasonable?”

You can check out the responses to her post on Reddit.

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