We spend 35 hours a year….

Falling down an online “rabbit hole“.

You know how it happens.

You hear or see something that you aren’t familiar with and BOOM. Seven hours later, you’re watching YouTube videos about why cats always land on their feet.

This happens to me whenever I watch a new documentary. Even if it’s a subject that I’m vaguely informed about, I still spend about an hour after watching the show/series doing some internet research to learn more.

Remember “Don’t F*** with Cats” on Netflix?

Yeah….I probably wasted a good three hours Googling “Luka Magnotta” after that came out.

Same with the more recent “Cecil Hotel” documentary. I was disappointed by the Netflix series, so I did my own deep-dive to find out more.

We spend an average of eight minutes on a topic each time it happens, totaling 35 hours of yearly “research”.

The most common subjects we follow down the rabbit hole are celebrities/entertainment, news & current events, history, science, and health issues.

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