Annoying coworker behavior.

Let’s be honest, there’s always one.

One person you work with that you want gone.

They might be the nicest person in your cubicle farm. But they do something so annoying that you dream about the day the quit or retire.

Maybe it’s the way they answer the phone?

Maybe they have bad hygiene and don’t smell very good.

Whatever the reason, they’re annoying as hell & you loathe being around them.

According to a new survey, 92% of us have at LEAST one coworker we find annoying.

I am happy to report that 100% of my coworkers have found me annoying at some point in my 18 years with the company.

The ten most annoying behaviors are:

  1. Too loud. (me)
  2. They gossip. (sorta me)
  3. They’re lazy. (I can definitely be lazy)
  4. They’re bad at their job. (not me)
  5. Bad personal hygiene. (I shower daily)
  6. They complain or whine too much. (me)
  7. They’re too pessimistic, or have a bad attitude. (me)
  8. They’re a know-it-all. (me)
  9. They’re constantly late. (DEFINITELY NOT ME)
  10. They take too many sick days. (not me, either)

Some of the other annoying behaviors include being messy, being distracting, sending unnecessary emails, eating smelly food, and over-sharing personal info.

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