Are you nasty? Gross? Disgusting?

Someone recently polled over 100,000 people online(anonymously) about their common, gross behaviors to see how disgusting we truly are.

Here’s the nasty numbers:

Have you ever picked your nose when nobody’s around?????

93% of people said yes, and another 43% have enjoyed it as a snack.

Have you ever skipped the whole “hand-washing” thing because you’re too lazy or just don’t give a damn??

69% or people said yes.

Have you ever soiled yourself(besides when you were a baby)????

36% of people who responded to this question have had an accident.

Have you ever worn the same pair of undies for more than a day?

68% of people have.

Have you ever passed gas & blamed someone else????

79% of people said yes.

Do you pee in the shower?

83% of people do. (seems kinda low)

Have you ever popped someone ELSE’S zit??????

38% of people have.(GROSS)

Do you ever stick your fingers somewhere & give them a good sniff???

74% of people have admitted to that.

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