I learned something this weekend.

I remember being in Home-Ec in 7th grade and learning how to properly set a table.

The plate in the middle. The napkin on the left with the fork on top. The knife & spoon on the right hand side with the glass to the right & above the knife & spoon.

The bread plate to the top left, above the fork, with the bread knife resting on top of it.

Just one of those dumb things you learn in school that sticks with you.

But apparently, I either didn’t learn about a “Charger”, or I forgot about them. Because my mother-in-law used that term on Christmas eve when we were at their house for some incredibly delicious homemade pizza, and I had no clue what she was talking about.

Apparently, the plate under the dinner plate(that you don’t actually use) is called a “charger”.

Who knew?

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