What is the “Shopping Cart Theory”?

No, this has nothing to do with CKY or Jackass.

But it does have to do with whether or not you’re a good person.

If you go to a store and return the shopping cart to the store or to the shopping cart corral in the parking lot, you’re apparently a “good person“.

But if you just unload your groceries or whatever into your vehicle and leave the cart in the middle of the parking lot, you’re a “bad person”.

At least, that’s what people are saying on Reddit & Twitter.

I’m a good person then. I even try to park closer to the cart corral so I don’t have to travel very far with the empty cart when I’m done unloading it.

The people I can’t understand are the ones who push the cart to one of the islands in the parking lot and push it up over the curb & onto the bark mulch or river rocks or whatever kind of landscaping is there, rather than taking an extra few seconds to push the cart to a corral or back to the store.

Sure, most stores pay a person to go round up all the carts in the parking lot, but you don’t have to be a dick about it. Push that damn cart to the corral at least.

Reminds me of that time we had a “Shopping Cart Triathalon” with Skradie & Gunner!

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