People are bangin’ on Zoom.

There’s been few bright spots in 2020.

One of those bright spots is people experiencing some sort of mishap during a Zoom call with coworkers or friends/family.

With more & more people working remotely, the potential for an online disaster has increased exponentially!

There’s been plenty of people who’ve gone to the bathroom while on a Zoom call…..

There’s been a LOT of accidental nudity, including the reporter who didn’t realize her naked husband was in the shower in the background…..

But perhaps the biggest “OPE” is getting caught having sex during a Zoom call.

But perhaps these are not unintentional or accidental incidents….maybe these people are fully aware they’re on Zoom and just don’t give a rat’s ass?

According to a new survey, nearly 60% of people admit to playing “hide the pickle” while on a teleconference call.

You’re at home. Your partner is at home. The pandemic is raging on. Depression & anxiety are at all-time highs. Why not have a nooner?

Maybe reschedule your amorous activities for a more convenient time, though?

Have you been caught doing something naughty while on a Zoom?

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