Have you been feeling out of sorts lately?

I think all of us have. Whether it’s the pandemic, the election, the hatred & vitriol on social media, or any number of other reasons, tons of people are dealing with monumental amounts of stress, boredom, and depression.

According to a recent study, depression has TRIPLED in all demographic groups among US adults.

That ain’t good.

Now there’s a new “Tik Tok Challenge” you can do to see your level of stress or depression, share the results, and help spread awareness & positivity.

It’s called the #15Minutes4Me challenge, and you don’t have to be on Tik Tok to do it, you can just visit this website.

There’s 26 multiple choice questions, and it should take you about 15 minutes(duh) to complete. At the end, you’re given three scales to determine your level of stress, depression, and anxiety. Then, you can share your results on Tik Tok or various other social media platforms in order to start a conversation with your friends & followers about mental health, and offer some help to others.

Obviously, this is NOT an official diagnosis of your mental health, but it’s a simple, online test you can try to gauge where your levels might be at.

If you are experiencing mental health issues, please contact the Behavioral Health department at Gundersen or at Mayo.

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