You nap. You die!

I love a nap. I try to take a nap every day.

On the couch, with the dogs, fan blowing…no alarm.

It’s great. But according to a new study, people who take unnecessary naps are more likely to DIE!

First off, what the hell is an “unnecessary” nap? I feel like they’re all necessary.

Researchers looked at over 20 studies on napping, and how it affected the health of about 300,000 people. And they found a 19% higher risk of early death for people who take a lot of naps. And long naps might be even worse. For people who sleep for 60 minutes or more, it jumped to 30%.

Napping after a bad night’s sleep might be okay though. Naps only lowered the life expectancy of people who got more than six hours of sleep a night.

I’m still going to take as many naps as I can. Including the one I’m already planning for this afternoon!

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