Am I a raccoon?

Stay with me here.

I’m 44 years old, and I enjoy a nice meal. Wife & I are actually planning on having a grilled pork loin for dinner tonight with a roasted-butternut squash risotto.

But yesterday, I was hungry in the afternoon…and rather than make a bowl of soup, or cook a pizza, or order a burger from somewhere, I opened the fridge and had a leftover chicken drummie from Monday night, a spoonful of egg salad, a couple of chips & some salsa, and finished it off with a peanut butter cookie.

Do other adult males eat like me? Am I some sorta trash-panda?

I know it’s not technically healthy, but I’m also not overeating, either. Just sorta grazing on whatever’s around.

Is this normal?

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Brian Simpson

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  1. Chris on August 21, 2020 at 8:44 am

    Brian, You’re not alone. I do that all the time. I get home from work and usually a little hungry and I know that dinner is going to be a few hours away. The other day i grabbed a leftover slice of pizza, made a spam sandwich, and had a handful of Cheezits….Its like I don’t want to make a whole meal, but I’m hungry and nothing in particular sounds good, so I’m like….Umm one of those, a handful of that, and maybe a piece that…and then see where I’m at.

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