Tips to keep your relationship intact during the ‘Rona.

My wife & I have a great system worked out for the current situation. When I get home from work sometime between 10am & 11am, we take the dogs for a walk, feed them, and then I disappear into the basement/man-cave to watch TV, take a nap, work on the computer…and she stays upstairs to telecommute.

At about 5pm, when she’s done with work, I reappear, make dinner, we eat, watch some TV, and then go to bed. It’s been working so far.

But if you’re struggling with being around your significant other all the friggin’ time, here’s some tips from some relationship therapists:

  1. Appreciate. Don’t criticize. Try your best to let little stuff slide & focus on the good stuff!
  2. Remember that it’s okay & NORMAL to be stressed out right meow. Try to be a good listener, & remember that your partner’s feelings are as valid as yours.
  3. Give your partner some privacy. Obviously, having spaces you can both retreat to is VERY important.
  4. Don’t forget about sex. Sex is good. Even when it’s bad, it’s good. So do it.
  5. Stay flexible. Try to plan out your week, but don’t be too rigid. Things can & usually do change RAPIDLY.
  6. Be willing to hit the “pause” button during a fight. Good luck with this one….but things can definitely spiral during a spat & some shit can get said that you will regret. Try to take a timeout & revisit the conversation at a later time.
  7. Laugh together. Got it, Karen? Live, Laugh, & Love. But seriously….I’m watching a ton of stand-up comedy specials, and funny movies with the wife…trying to introduce her to all the things that make me laugh. Life’s too serious already.
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