Virtual lapdances?

Staying home is the new norm.

Everything seems to be shutting down. You know it’s bad when Wisconsin closes the bars.

But there’s still plenty to do, as long as we have the internet!

We can binge-watch shows on Netflix & Hulu(I’m currently in the midst of watching “The Outsider” on HBOgo)….or you can watch some new releases that are out earlier than expected! Disney+ released Frozen 2 early, and you can get “Rise of Skywalker” on demand as well.

But now, something a bit more “interactive” is available online for the discerning gentleman(or gentle woman).

Virtual lapdances!!! Yup, the “Die Happy Tonight” strip club from NYC is offering something intimate, and likely expensive. Which is fine….as long as she doesn’t turn into a vampire at the conclusion of your dance.

Party on, Wayne!

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