Where do you keep your ketchup?

When I first saw this online, I IMMEDIATELY said to myself, “only a crazy person wouldn’t put their ketchup in the refrigerator”….but then I paused for a second.

And I started thinking about all the places I get ketchup.

Obviously, you buy ketchup at the grocery store. You also enjoy it at a restaurant. Or maybe you grab a few packets when you hit the drive-thru……….and that’s where I paused.

Do they refrigerate ketchup packets?

No. They don’t. And it’s still just fine to eat, even though it’s a major pain in the ass to open all those packets. Also, the ketchup you get when you dine in at a fast food restaurant is usually not refrigerated, either.

And then I read more about this whole thing “ketchup thing” and while the science is on point, I’m still putting my ketchup in the fridge after I open a bottle.

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