The biggest waste of money ever?

This past Saturday, I saw something I couldn’t believe.

A temperature controlled/bluetooth coffee mug that costs $130.


For a friggin’ coffee mug. Blew my mind!

I’m sure I’ll get some “Ok Boomer” reactions on this one, but seriously…you can’t finish a 14oz mug of hot coffee before it goes cold? You can’t get up, walk to the microwave and pop that mug in there for 20 seconds to reheat it? Or pour some fresh coffee in there from your pot?

According to the website, it “maintains your chosen temperature for 1.5 hours” for the 10oz mug. Who the hell takes 90 minutes to drink a 10oz cup of coffee? Is this some strange cult of people I’ve never heard of?

People unfriend one another over politics, relationships, etc…but if I go to someone’s house and see one of these, I’m turning around and walking right out.

$130 for a friggin’ coffee mug.

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