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Rock News Minute

Rammstein is Coming To Minnesota and Chicago!

Holy macaroni! I’ve seen some stage and seating setups and it look INSANE!! There’s even a “fire pit” Which is scary and badass all in one! August 30th they play US Bank and September 3rd they play Soldier Field. Lets go!!!

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Ozzy isn’t dying!

Despite what you may have seen on various social media pages the Prince of Darkness is not on his deathbed. In fact, he was spotted out and about with his wife on New Year’s day! Just a reminder to check sources of info before jumping to conclusions. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ozzy-osbournes-daughter-denies-he-is-on-his-deathbed-calls-report-utter-bullst/

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I Prevail Singer Pays off Dad’s Mortgage.

The holidays are always better when people do amazing acts of giving. I Prevail had a huge 2019 and Brian Burkheiser capped off his year by paying off his dad’s mortgage. What a good guy. We need more stories like this. https://loudwire.com/i-prevail-brian-burkheiser-pays-dads-mortgage-christmas/?fbclid=IwAR2BZfAeDIIOc-G5Xx8UGXvjGFBMSbGi4wV78DQOFbJQz_Aj1-Dv1T17sXs

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Get Into The Motley Crue Reunion Tour For Free?!

Yea. According to a 2014 interview Mick Mars did he said if they do another tour he’ll “invite the whole world for free.” He said it so it must be true! It would be totally out of Motley Crue’s character to go back on something they said in the past!

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Virtual Alice In Chains?

You bet! Alice In Chains will be shifting form and will be sent digitally in the video game AdventureQuest 3D. It’s a free game and for three weeks you can watch the concert free in game! This is the only way I want to see rock stars in digital forms. #StopTheHolograms.

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