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Kiss drummer a cop now?

Well this is strange. Eric Singer current drummer for Kiss was just sworn in as an honorary corporal in Texas all the while being fully dressed in his Kiss regalia. Just look at this picture and tell me this isn’t the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen this week. Chances are you can’t.

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Korn’s Podcast Album

Next week Korn is releasing their latest album named “The Nothing”. Jonathon Davis has been open about the subject matter being focused on his estranged wife’s death last year. Now we have new insight about the album as the band has announced a podcast that will accompany the album. The podcast will be a true…

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Gibson Gives Back

One of the stories from today’s 60 Second Scoop! Be sure to listen weekdays around 3:10 news and updates from across the rock world! On Monday (Aug. 27), instrument maker Gibson announced the signature model Chris Cornell Tribute ES-335 guitar. The limited edition axe is being built in honor of the late musician who fronted alt-rockers Soundgarden, supergroup Audioslave and the…

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