Things Found in People’s Rear – Bags’ Top 10

People are weird. They do weird stuff. I don’t like to kink shame, but I will kink ask why.
Here’s a list of things that doctors have found in another person’s hind end.

10. A Vase (I DEFINITELY don’t wanna smell the flower…)
9. Cassette tape (where’s the play button?)
8. Smartphone (Ironic)
7. Flashlight (at home exam?)
6. Billiard ball (8 ball, bottom pocket)
5. Instant coffee jar. (perhaps drinking it wasn’t enough?)
4. Can of spray paint. (perhaps they were redecorating?)
3. A live eel (hope it wasn’t electric)
2. A beer bottle, as well as the coat hanger they used to retrieve it. (At least they tried)
1. Buzz Lightyear action figure with the wings out. (dude, why?)

Butt Top 10
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