Ways to Deal With the Time Change – Bags’ Top 10

It’s time once again to change our clocks and completely screw up our sense of time itself. Everyone loses sleep, kids are cranky, and everything sucks for a couple of days.
So here’s the top 10 ways you can deal with the time change, for better or worse.

10. Order a pallet of coffee. Drink promptly.
9. Refrain from alcohol, unless there’s Red Bull in it.
8. Send your kids to grandma and grandpa’s. Maybe forever.
7. Do 20 jumping jacks. Just kidding. More coffee.
6. Watch Star Wars. It won’t help your tiredness, but at least it’s cool.
5. Look outside and say, “At least the sun is out later”. Then pass out from exhaustion.
4. Take your dog for a walk, then hate on him because he was completely unaffected by this.
3. Tell your dog you’re sorry for hating on him, because this isn’t his fault.
2. Drink Mountain Dew like a 15 year old video gamer on double XP weekend.
1. Quit your job. Become a hermit.

Okay, maybe don’t do most of this stuff. But it’s fun to think about.
But hey, at least the sun is out longer. *Uncomfortable chuckle*

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