The Changing of the Brewer Sign

The Brewers are back on the diamond for another year, which means it’s time for my yearly tradition of changing my Brewers sign in my kitchen. The two signs have a simple beginning, but one that turned into a twice a year deal.

A long time ago, my mom got me a Brewers holiday sign for Christmas. Just a simple logo with the statement of “Seasons Greetings” written on it. I liked it, but wasn’t super excited for something that I could really only have up in my house for a short amount of time. Still cool though.
Then later on, she got me another Brewers sign. This time, just a normal logo with Bernie Brewer on it. However, the size and shape of this sign was identical to the first. So I came up with an idea.

Every year, when the Brewers finish their final game of the season, I take the normal sign down, and put up the holiday version. It effectively becomes my first Christmas decoration of the year. Don’t worry, the rest don’t come up until after Thanksgiving.
Then, on the day of our first Spring Training game, the holiday sign comes down, and the normal one goes back up.

Well, Spring Training is back, and so is the normal sign.
Here’s to hoping it stays up for a long time this year. 😉

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