Friday the 13th Prequel Series – What We Know So Far

I’ve been a horror movie fan for a very long time. At the very top of my list is the Friday the 13th franchise. Admittedly, not every installment has been great. But I’ve always had a love for it since I was a kid.
Well, we’ve got a prequel series in the works, and while we don’t have all the details now, I’d like to take a minute to go through a few things we do know.

1. It is actually happening.
We’ve been getting teased by a speculated return of the Friday franchise for a good number of years now, and each time it’s fallen flat or proven a hoax. Not this time. Peacock gave a “straight to series” order for it. That alone isn’t enough to make it 100%. But given other things we know, it’s definitely the closest any speculated series has come to being a real thing.

2. Victor Miller is on the project.
In fact, he’s confirmed to be one of the executive producers. This means one of the men responsible for penning the original is working on this. So if you’re concerned with it being faithful to the source material, that should give you some confidence.

3. It’s a prequel.
It appears we’re seeing how things played out before the very first movie became a thing. While we can’t confirm anything yet, it seems likely that we’ll be seeing a young Jason, before he (almost) drowned and became all murder-y. We might even eventually see how he escaped from drowning. That has never been explained to us through the movies before. He’s said to have drowned, which caused the events of the first movie. We later find out in Part 2 that he actually had survived, and had been living in the woods as a hermit. But it’s never explained how that was possible. Perhaps we’ll get our answer.

I’m really excited to see this series come to fruition. Hopefully we get more news soon

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