Just Ditch the Pro Bowl

It’ll never happen as long as it somehow continues to make the NFL money, but I really wish they’d just completely give up on the Pro Bowl.
“All Star Games” in general don’t get much attention anymore these days. But the one fans seem to care less and less about each year is the NFL’s Pro Bowl. They’ve tried to restructure it and make it safer for the players by getting rid of tackling. But fans have turned up their noses at the thought of that. I just don’t see any other way they can get people to care about it.

I used to like the Pro Bowl as a kid. A chance to see Sterling Sharpe and Jerry Rice lined up on the field together for the same team still gives me butterflies. But at some point, it lost it’s magic. Part of it’s lack of mojo has come in the form of the players losing interest. Many of them don’t even show up. I get why they wouldn’t risk injury for nothing. I really do. But it’s difficult to get invested in a product that they, themselves, don’t care about.

I don’t see a way it could be restructured to improve it, so why not just ditch it altogether? We certainly don’t need it, and it’s an obvious money grab. But how much longer can they grab for money that isn’t there because viewership drops more and more each year?

I say we just be done with it.

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell attends the Pro Bowl Games skills events, Thursday, Feb. 2, 2023, in Henderson, Nev. (Gregory Payan/AP Images for NFL)
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  1. Mary on February 3, 2023 at 5:24 pm

    Maybe they can just keep the skill competitions I like watching those. Kinda like watching the Home Run Derby in the All-Star game or the Slam Dunk Contest in the NBA. I like watching those, the games not so much though.

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