The one with the plane witch.

Another busy week in the books with some heavy snow on Wednesday night into Thursday.

We started things off with the “Monday Morning Throwback” and “Carp Karen“. We also talked about the germiest place in your kitchen.

The goalie for the Vegas Golden Knights is filing for bankruptcy, and the backstory on his reason why is Netflix documentary-worthy.

We reviewed’s list of the best & worst states to drive in, and we got another reason to never step on an airplane again…thank you, Vegas plane witch.

Shaw aced this week’s “You’re Killin’ me, Shaws” which led to a discussion about Leo & Kate and that door in the middle of the ocean. We talked about the cliques we belonged to in high school, and we had TWO more Karens acting a fool later in the week.

Panera Karen kinda backfired, and another Karen on a plane is in REALLY big trouble.

Plus, the annual Iowa State Fair “Husband-Calling Competition” is going viral this week, and we hooked you up with a new list of things to do in & around La Crosse this weekend!

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