Bags’ Top 10 – Mario Kart Characters

With the holidays upon us, we’re deep in the heart of video game season. As the temps drop, we get less inclined to be outside, and more apt to stay inside with our feet up and our favorite games to keep us company. New games get released, and old games get picked back up.

One that always finds it’s way to me, especially now as a parent, is Mario Kart.
So let’s get to my favorite characters to race as, blue shells be damned.

10. Koopa Troopa
9. Iggy Koopa
8. Baby Mario
7. Waluigi
6. Luigi
5. Tanooki Mario
4. Bowser
3. Lemmy Koopa
2. Dry Bones
1. Yoshi

Wanna be a better racer in Mario Kart? Here’s some tips.

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