Love Horror Movies? Check This Guy Out.

A lot of you probably know I’m very up on my horror movie trivia. I’ve picked up quite a lot of useless horror movie knowledge over the years. Been a big fan of the genre my whole life.
A fair bit of the more recent things I’ve learned about horror movies have come from this one, awesome horror guru. A man truly after my own heart. (Hopefully not literally.)

His name is James A. Janisse, and he runs “Dead Meat”, a YouTube channel dedicated to going in depth on all our favorite horror movies.
He’s very well versed in the genre, and has had personal experiences with all of the men and women that gave us childhood nightmares. Check him out, cause he’s got some pretty awesome videos and podcasts.

One of his main projects is something I do my office work to every day at my desk. It’s called “The Kill Count”, where he goes through a chosen horror flick, and highlights every kill, all while giving interesting tidbits of information about both the kills and the movie production itself.

Here he is doing one of mine (and his) favorite movie series, Friday the 13th. Just one video out of an entire series.
Check it.

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