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As a parent, I’ve noticed that this time of year, children can be particularly bad. It’s not their fault either, nor is it really yours. We live in a place that’s cold half of the year. We try to get our little ones out as much as we can, but temperatures can often be too much for them to handle for too long, especially when they’re younger.
By March, we’re all ready to leave the house and go outside. That’s true at any age. Quite frankly, we’re all suffering cabin fever. But children have a much more difficult time with it. They have a lot of energy, and it needs to be burned off. The real bummer is, it’s not quite nice enough to do anything meaningful outside just yet.

To help with that, I present to you…. Dinosaur Yoga.

Okay, more specifically, her name is Miss Linky. She has a lot of great videos directed at getting kids up and active in creative ways. Dinosaur Yoga is just one of many, but it happens to be my kid’s favorite. But they do love all of her videos, and so do my wife and I. She uses a combination of very easy yoga poses, as well as some very light aerobics to get kids moving. She even teaches them about fun things along the way.

If your little ones need to burn off energy, pop this on, and see what happens. Try it with them as well. Us adults need the exercise too. I know I sure do.

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