A YouTube Channel Parents Should Know About

My wife and I have come across a lot of tips in our time as parents. Some good. Some not so good. But here’s something we found super helpful.

It’s a YouTube channel called “Hey Bear Sensory”.

Both of our kids have loved it. It’s a series of videos with high contrast images, often featuring fruit, but not exclusively. It really draws the attention of children, and quite frankly, I actually like it a lot myself. Hell, even if I didn’t have kids, this would still be a cool page.
They have different videos for different moods. They can get our kids up dancing along, or settle them down. Seriously, we found the videos tailored to helping children sleep to be the most helpful. Many of nights were saved by throwing on Hey Bear to help our little ones get back to sleep. Losing sleep as a parent of young ones is always gonna happen. But Hey Bear can at least shorten the times your little one is awake, which means more sleep for you.

Here’s a taste of what their videos are like.

Pretty fun, huh?
Seriously, check out the sleep videos. They’ll not only help your kids catch some ZZZ’s, but they can help you too.

Hey Bear Cover
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