Royal Rumble Winner Predictions

The Royal Rumble is coming up this Saturday, and I figured it was time to get my predictions together. It’s always my favorite event each year, and it’s full of surprises. It seems there are a few in store for this year, so let’s get to it.

Men’s Royal Rumble Winner: Drew McIntyre
Dark Horse: Big E

Drew McIntyre has been playing around in the middle of the card for way too long. He needs to be back in the top of the card where he belongs. He’s already gotten a Rumble win under his kilt, but he’s definitely the kind of athlete the WWE wouldn’t mind giving multiple Rumble wins to.
But keep an eye out for Big E. Fans have been noticeably upset by how Big E’s title reign went. He successfully defended it a few times, but he mostly lost a bunch of non-title matches. With the WWE feeling the fan’s rage, it’s possible they try to make good by thrusting him back towards the top again. Even if he doesn’t win, I expect he’ll do well. Likely a final four finish.

Women’s Royal Rumble Winner: Bianca Belair
Dark Horse: Ronda Rousey

The WWE loves Bianca Belair, and so do the fans. She’s been trying to get back a title since her shocking loss to a returning Becky Lynch at Summerslam, but has ran into some road blocks along the way. But it’s time to get her title back, and this is the perfect catalyst. They’ve also put a suspicious amount of emphasis in reminding us of how rare winning back to back Rumbles is. Bianca would be the perfect pick to be the first woman to do it. I’m really pulling for her.
However, the buzz around the horn has been that Ronda Rousey may be making a shocking return at the Rumble, and if she shows up, she’s almost guaranteed to win. She just had her baby back in September, and that’s a rather short time to recoup from having a baby and returning to in-ring shape. But it’s not out of the question for an athlete like Ronda. This could be the best women’s Rumble match ever.

But it’s the Rumble. Literally anything can happen. That’s what makes it so fun.
I look forward to the surprise entrants, and wonder what they have up their sleeve for this year.

But until then, let’s flashback to one of the best Rumble moments in history.

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