If You Haven’t Been To Opening Day, You Need To

I know this isn’t the time of year we usually think about baseball. We haven’t even hit Christmas yet. But we’re already getting ready to take a bus trip to Am Fam Field (I know, it’s still weird for me too).
If you’ve never been to Mill…. I mean Am Fam for opening day, it’s a hell of a party, and it’s something you should experience at least once in your life. To get your tickets now, click here.

As for what you’re in for? Here’s what makes opening day so fun.

My happy place in life.

Any day at the ballpark is better than a good day at work, but opening day has a different vibe to it. The entire parking lot is a party. People are in a brighter mood. There’s beer as far as the eye can see, and everyone is happy to drink some with you.

Chef Bags hard at work.

The entire parking lot is a party. Tailgating at Am Fam is always a must. But on opening day, the knob gets turned to 11 and ripped off. You can walk around the lot all day and find people happy to share their delicacies with you. There are some people in the lot with some pretty impressive setups.


It can sometimes be a bit chilly. I mean, it’s April, and this is Wisconsin. We can’t always count on having the weather go our way. A few times on the opening days I’ve gone to, it’s been nice. But it’s always smart to pack a hoodie and/or some heavier clothing.
…Or, you could just shotgun a beer or two to keep you warm. There’s certainly no shortage of that going on.

All in all, Am Fam (still feels weird) is a great place to be on opening day. It’s simply something you should experience once in your life.
Our bus trip costs $159, and that includes your ticket to the game on the Johnsonville Party Deck (where there’s free food and beverages), deluxe motorcoach transportation, and a pregame tailgate party from Premier Catering.
It’s worth every penny. Again, the link to get your tickets now is here.

The sooner you get your tickets, the better. This WILL sell out.

Am Fam Field
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