Thanksgiving with the Shaws!


After being friends for about a million years, countless rounds of golf….after drinking lots of beers together & attending many of the same events, I can FINALLY say that I’ve been inside Shaw’s house!

I’ve known where he lives for a long time, but that personal invite from the little guy for a grill-out or a nice meal seemed like it was never gonna happen. So elusive.

But I decided to finally do something about it this year. He was supposed to have a bunch of family over for Thanksgiving, but plans changed, and it ended up being just Shaw, Mary & their daughter, Hannah.

And a 16lb bird!

The wife & I went out to Holmen for Thanksgiving with her family, and I definitely ate & drank too much. But the food was amazing and the beer was cold, and I didn’t have to work on Friday. So I overindulged….and I even held a baby!

Babies aren’t so bad when they aren’t crying. And when you can just give them back to their rightful owner!

After we got done in Holmen, we headed back to La Crosse for our “surprise” visit to the Shaws.

Yes, I have psoriasis. Yes, it looks like shit. I’m sorry.

Needless to say, Shaw wasn’t sure if I was being serious about stopping by. And apparently, Mary had no idea! But, Hannah knew we weren’t lying about visiting, and I even brought gifts!

They have a nice, cozy house with a lifetime of memories. It’s easy to see why Shaw raised three great kids. Lotta love in that house.

I was pretty stuffed from Thanksgiving with the family, so I didn’t eat as much as I probably should have, but I managed to enjoy some turkey, stuffing, cheesy-broccoli, gravy, and a few more beers. Plus, I got a nice big armful of the Shaw!

Big thanks to them for the hospitality and maybe this can become an annual tradition?????

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