Things you shouldn’t have in your home once you’re over 30.

When I was in my 20’s, I had to use anything I could find for furniture.

An old futon on the side of the road? Perfect for the back porch.

A computer desk in the alley? Mine now.

I even slept on a flip-n-f**k in my early 20’s. Not my most glamorous moment, for sure. Had a waterbed back then, too. Wasn’t one of the good ones, either. It was the kind with the multiple tubes and I’d eventually get wedged in between a few of them during the night.

Now, I’m in my mid-40’s and we’ve got a bunch of nice, new furniture in our house and a quality mattress that cost almost $3,000.

Recently, an interior designer named Chris Carroll talked about the things you shouldn’t have in your house once you’re over thirty.

  • Inflatable furniture. No mention of bean bags, though. But yeah, maybe that blow-up chair from your frat days isn’t the best way to welcome guests into your home.
  • Stuffed animals on the bed. Obviously, this is okay if you’ve got kids, but as an adult, you probably don’t need a Mr. Bear in the bed.
  • Plastic cups, plates, & silverware. I think you can have both “the good stuff” and the plastic stuff you use for patio dining.
  • Old trophies. Again, a few trophies displayed in the man-cave or den are okay.
  • A super-old mattress. Was legitimately the best purchase we’ve ever made. LOVE our mattress. Worth the investment!
  • Paper floor lamps.
  • Anything space-themed. Even your Star Wars collectibles?
  • Shot glasses as decor. Obviously, you’re going to need some shot glasses at some point, but nobody cares about your Spring Break trip to Cancun.

In this day & age, you should just do whatever makes you happy & feel comfortable. So, if you wanna have a room full of your old trophies & Star Wars nerd-shit, then go right ahead.

You know your buddies are going to be jealous of all that stuff.

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