What’s the weirdest thing you’ve caught a roommate doing?

I’ve had all sorts of roommates in my life. My first roommate was a kid named Adam.

He and I, along with his two cats, moved into a four-bedroom apartment when we were both 18 & fresh out of high school. We had almost no furniture, so we actually stayed in the same room.

I remember the fridge was always stocked with Bud Dry, and we NEVER cooked any food. We used to try & squirt ketchup & mustard on each other when we were showering.

Looking back, it was an absolute blast, and we were only paying $400/month!

I had a roommate that bought a safe to lock up his cans of Chef Boyardee because he thought I was eating his raviolis and Spaghettio’s.

But the weirdest thing I’ve ever caught my roommate doing wasn’t all that weird, but certainly embarrassing.

I was out with my girlfriend at the time, and when we got back to my apartment, I saw that the light in his room was on, so I went around the corner with my girlfriend to see if he was up, watching a movie or playing video games.

Nope. He’d fallen asleep mid-wank session, wiener in hand.

Laying on the bed with the lights on and door wide open. Obviously, it was a bit shocking and after being embarrassed for a few weeks, it became a very funny story to share at parties.

If you’ve ever lived with someone, you know they’ve got some quirks that are probably going to drive you nuts.

A recent thread on Reddit asked people to name the weirdest thing they’ve caught a roommate doing, and some of the answers are rather interesting.

  1. Someone found their roommate lying on the kitchen floor making snow-angels. And when they asked why, he said he was just getting himself dirty before he took a shower.
  2. Someone got home from work early, and found their roommate playing video games in nothing but tighty-whities and a motorcycle helmet.
  3. “I caught my roommate pouring a giant pot of beans into the toilet.”
  4. Someone caught their roommate washing her hair in the kitchen sink . . . without taking the dirty dishes out . . . and she was naked.
  5. “I walked in on my roommate’s girlfriend shaving his ass for him.”
  6. A woman caught her roommate using her hair dryer to dry off his junk.
  7. Quote, “My roommate would occasionally sleep in the fetal position, but upright on his knees.” So they nicknamed him “The Snail.”
  8. A guy was caught licking a plate clean and putting it back in the cupboard.
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